Leanne Ross

Leanne Ross has been involved in KMAdotcom for over five years. Her ‘shout out’ posters are painted snippets of her conversations in the studio.

Although Leanne’s work is really personal to her, whenever she exhibits her work, her words seem to resonate loudly with others, and people have strong preferences for the words which resonate with them at the time.

Leanne’s ‘Slow Down’ poster was recently purchased by a New York based writer who was visiting Edinburgh to see family. He spotted it through our office windows in Spittal Street, and bought it for his mother who was unwell at the time. He wanted her to take life a bit easier until she recovered.

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My posters are called Shout Outs.

I miss you much

Catch the Bouquet

Slow doon

Fantastic game


Irn Bru


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