KMAdotcom is a an artist studio based in Mayfield, Midlothian where artists with and without learning disability work together.

KMAdotcom are twelve artists who produce artwork inspired by our interests and personalities. We exhibit and sell work in open shows, galleries and online.

The studio is a space to experiment with ideas, materials and processes. We don’t start out knowing what we will create – artwork has been created from a line of conversation, a joke someone told, or a silly action which made everyone laugh.

In the past we’ve had residencies in museums and galleries, we’ve worked with local organisations to barter our artwork for new experiences. We even created an alternative currency, opening a pop up shop in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art where our work could be purchased by offering something more important than money to the maker.

If you or a person you advocate for is interested in art, or making and is interested in taking part in KMAdotcom, please speak to Kara Christine


0131 229 3555