The Artists

It’s a long story but we’ll try and make it snappy.

KMAdotcom are 12 artists with and without learning disability who meet on Mondays and Fridays in a studio in Midlothian. We make artwork inspired by each other, through the things we say or do – and this avoids any one artist being any more important than another.


We make artwork about things we are interested in like books or TV shows, celebrities or what’s happened on the weekend. We develop ideas together, where one thing just leads naturally into another.

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We make work about where we live, or what we do – and this makes KMAdotcom different, as no one person is in control of what happens next. It just happens, so we think that’s the most equal way we can develop things between us.

We make work for and about places near us, which takes us to new places, meeting new people. Every week is something new.

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So we’ve put this website together to show you some of our past and current projects.

IMG_2614By the way, if you are thinking what on earth does KMAdotcom mean, it was named by Alan Faulds who has been involved in Artlink for years. He’s an illustrator and performer, dancer, scriptwriter, pop culture commentator who came up with in one of our morning meetings, which we do at the start of every workshop.